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Self Awareness + Self Reliance = Sovereignty by Conscious Living

"Sovereignty is not about where you live it's about how you live be it on or off grid, from California to New York; we'll ship what you need to your door or local store!" ~Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

Join our Sovereignty Bootcamp and and get the educational and moral support you need for freedom from systematic living. 

Here you will learn how to transition from systematic living to a sovereign lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity to explore the power of self, and learn how you can start the transition from where you are with what you have. Experience the benefits of working together, and the impact of community. We're not here to fight reality as we've known it but to collectively be and create something NEW. 

Visit our page for more details and to join

 Fellowship with us to explore reality, test theories and express your right to sovereignty.

What will we be doing there?

  • Looking at facts and testing theories
  • Building an overlapping timeline
  • We will have periodic video meetups to discuss the research we’ve been working on for that period of time
  • Living our truth with our freedoms in tact  

Visit our page for more details and to join 

Grow in courage, confidence, competence, and connection 

Learn from award winning master gardener and conscious living enthusiast Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett 

Sweetie has over 20 years of experience, education and results. Awarded an Official Citation from the House of Delegates, The Maryland General Assembly "in recognition of your contributions to the River Community Health Fair, enhancing and enriching citizens of Rosedale, Baltimore City and County, providing services of community health awareness and public safety. On the 19th day of October 2013 by Delegate Adrienne A. Jones, of Baltimore County ~ Legislative District 10

She'll meet you where you are, help you identify just where that is and help you create a custom map to where you want to be using her Sovereignty by Conscious Living Map.

Tested & Proven!

Conscious Living Works! 

"Sweetie is very knowledgeable on SO many topics of well being. I love her booklets and online videos. She is also incredibly affordable for the person trying to get healthy from a place of being stuck. I suggest using her courses and booklets while working at your own pace!"

~ Julie Salvano

"Since connecting with Sweetie Consulting, I have been exposed to some amazing healing and living rituals and resources. If you have the opportunity to work with her...DO NOT HESITATE! She is food for the soul...PERSONIFIED!"

~ Stephanie D. McKenzie  

"I've been apart of the sweetie community for about 5 years now and the growth has been tremendous. I have grown in knowledge of gardening, labels (mislabels), earthships, and balancing my "real" life with my spiritual goals."

~ Crystal Quarels